About Hometex

Amini production group was established in 2008 with the aim of producing home textiles based on the newest technology and has already started up seven producing complexes for industrial self-sufficiency. The selection of products has been chosen with the possibility of competing in the domestic market and also foreign markets, with a continuous notice to the global standard and the best quality. By now, this industrial group has more than one hundred staff, a sales office, two warehouses in Iran and two sales representatives abroad for selling and distributing our products. Also, our products are exported to different countries, like UAE, Iraq and Afghanistan. This industrial group is also presenting its products to other European and Asian countries.

At the moment, the first phase of this industrial unit is already operating in Komshecheh industrial zone and the construction of the second phase will also be started soon. It will be added to the first phase of this complex.

Hometex’s mission

Home textiles production based on the new needs of modern homes considering the suitable quality for consumers.

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