Hometex Product Catalog 2020


Hometex Product Catalog 2020

Hometex has revealed its new products, including organisers and home textiles in new designs and colors on the International Home Appliances Exhibition.The new organisers and home textiles are available in 14 different designs and colors. Some of the designs are named Tartan, Golzir, Hendesi, Termeh and Shekoofeh. Our new colors can be found as white, cream, pink orange, light purple, grey, light blue green, brown and navy blue. Also, there are some organisers with whole new styles made with both different designs and color. You can see the PDF file of our catalog by clicking the link below or you can see the Hometex product catalog video on Youtube.

Hometex Product Catalog 2020 (PDF format)

Hometex Product Catalog 2020 Video

Hometex; your mind’s organiser

Nowadays we live in a world, confronted with a huge amount of data and information every single day. The internet, friends, social media, news, advertisements and all the advantages of this digital world are constantly sharing different data to us, in ways that we do not notice them but will react to them unconsciously. The data, which is stored in our minds, will disorganize the thoughts and ideas and leads to emotional changes, like the ones that we do not enjoy our lives or do not feel to be happy. The key is to have an organized mind. In The Organized mind, Daniel J. Levitin writes, “The most fundamental principle of the organized mind, the one most critical to keeping us from forgetting or losing things, is to shift the burden of organizing from our brains to the external world.”. We can enjoy every single minute of our lives by making ourselves an organized mind with the help of an organized external World.


Manufacturing Organisers and Home Textiles

Hometex on the 18th International Home Appliances Exhibition Tehran

Hometex on the 18th International Home Appliances Exhibition Tehran

We are privileged to be on the 18th International Home Appliances Exhibition Tehran, hosting merchants, traders and vendors from all over our beloved country Iran as well as all around the world. We respectfully invite our colleagues to make future partnerships with their friendly presence.



Islamic Republic of Iran, Tehran, International Exhibition


22nd -25th November 2018 (1st-4th Azar 1397)

Located at:

38B Hall, 36th Stand