Picnic Lunch Bag

Hometex Picnic Lunch Bag can meet your needs when traveling or camping. Multiple layers of this product, especially its cover and inner layer, help to keep the foods and snacks fresh and high quality inside the bag. It maintains the different temperature for several hours of insulation. The structure of lunch bag is designed to be suitable for places and activities like trips, climbing and camping. This product of Hometex is available in two sizes, small and big. The outer cover of the bag is made of fabric in order to stand out in the crowd.

Picnic Launch Bag size

The Picnic Launch Bag is produced in two different sizes as written below:


Small Picnic Launch Bag             22*37*25
Big Picnic Launch Bag                 25*46*31


- Suitable to carry meals and eatables in long journeys
- To carry foods, snacks, and drinks to the workplace, tour or any other places
- To carry nourishment and foods while traveling, fishing, camping or touring


- Easy to clean
- Six-layer structure, firm and solid
- Lightweight, portable and spacious
- Keeping the foods and drinks fresh
- Maintaining different temperatures for several hours of insulation
- Different adjustable dividers to keep the objects inside steady

Other information

- Cover fabric: Tergal
- Picnic Lunch Bag material: hard, laminated thermal resistance fabric

Picnic Lunch Bag in different sizes