Dish Drying Mat

Small modern-day kitchens require us using temporary drying mats to use a part of cabinet as a dish rack while we have a huge amount of dishes. This product is also a proper thing along with a coffee/tea maker for putting the related things on it.

Dish Drying Mat size

This product is produced in two sizes:

                  Length*wide          Code

Small               50*90                170
Large              60*140               187


- Water absorbent and drying mat for washed dishes
- Placing under fragile dishes
- Dryer and bath mat


- Made with high-water-absorbent material
- Machine washable

Other information

- Dish drying mat fabric: four-layer laminated cotton

- How to use: this product is already prepared and does not need any special preparation, just enjoy using it.

- Package's contents:
= Hometex dish drying mat

Pictures of Hometex Dish Drying Mat in different designs