Frameless Clothing Box

A very light and compact fabric box that can hold a significant load of your clothes and stuffs, based on its size. Modern homes need boxes instead of wraps that have good capacity and are able to compact clothes and stuffs.

Frameless Clothing Box sizes

Boxes are produced in seven different sizes that each product's size is introduced with its code:

.                Height*Length*Wide          Code
Zero size            20*30*18                   019
Half size             20*37*20                   026
First size            40*45*28                    033
Second size        40*65*33                    040
Third size           64*74*40                    057
Fifth size            50*100*50                  064
Seventh size       50*120*50                  071


- A great substitution for old wraps
- Keeping Clothes (in all sizes)
- Keeping cosmetics, stationery stuff, sewing stuff and … (in small sizes)
- Keeping foldable beds, bedding, mattresses and blankets (in large sizes)


- Foldable
- Light, compact and mobile
- Machine washable
- Resistant to creases, scratches, destruction, color change and insects

Other information

- Box's fabric: three-layer laminated oilcloth

- How to use: this product is already prepared and does not need any special preparation, just enjoy using it.

- Package's contents: cloth clothing box

Pictures of Frameless Clothing Box in different sizes

Your demands

Based on customer’s view some features are added to Hometext’s products gradually. One of these demands is the possibility of naming the clothing boxes that are added to products.