Washing Machine/Dishwasher Cover

All home appliances are digital these days and most of them are highly sensitive, which is in contrast to the kitchen environment. A suitable, resistant and beautiful covering can solve this problem of modern houses.

Washing Machine/Dishwasher Cover size

Home Appliance Cover is produced in three different sizes that each product's size is introduced with its code:

                                                          Height*length*wide             Code

Hometex washing machine cover               63*62*80                330
Hometex dishwasher cover                          63*62*80                095
Washing machine tablecloth-cover            63*62*80                156


- Washing machine and dishwasher cover for the front opening


- A great design for an easy access to the device while using it
- Machine washable
- Resistant to creases, scratches, destruction, color change and insects

Other information

- Cover’s fabric: three-layer laminated oilcloth/three-layer laminated tablecloth

- How to use: put the cover on the machine and knot the oilcloth straps behind the machine, then the cover will be fitted.

- Package's content:
= Washing machine cover
= Dishwasher cover

Pictures of Home Appliance Cover in different models

Your Demands

For tightening and staying product on machines more appropriately, two straps are used for knotting the product behind the machine.