Hanging Organizer

It is one of the most used products in modern-day houses and organize goods just by installing in wardrobes or any horizontal rails. This product is produced in two models, zip-front hanging organizer and hanging organizer that each one has its own usage and makes the organizer a more versatile product.

Hanging Organizer sizes

Hanging organizers are produced in five different sizes that each size is introduced with its dimensions and product’s code:

                                                 Height*length*wide          Code

Hanging organizer                           4 shelves                  354
Hanging organizer                           5 shelves                  385
Zip-front hanging organizer          4 shelves                  507
Zip-front hanging organizer          5 shelves                  439


- Keeping clothing, shoes
- Books and stationery goods
- A proper organizer for different stuff


- Foldable
- Lightweight and compact
- Machine washable
- Resistant to creases, scratches, destruction, color change and insects
- Having a front zip

Other information

- Fabric: oilcloth

- How to use: fasten the Velcro around the rail or any other horizontal stick and use it!

- Package's content:
= (Zip-front) Hanging organizer

Pictures of Hanging Organizer in different sizes

Your Demands

Based on customer’s view some features are added to Hometext’s products gradually.
This product is also offered with a front zip to make its appearance more appropriate, if necessary, and prevent dust from entering.