Top-zip shopping bag

A suitable product for shopping, picnic and trips that you need to carry different goods, like fruits, meals and dishes. It is lightweight and resistant to water and moisture.

Top-zip shopping bag size

Top-zip shopping bag is produced in two different sizes that each size is introduced with its dimensions and product’s code:

                      Length*wide         Code

Small size             30*40
Large size             35*50


- Shopping bag
- Handbag
- Carrying picnic goods
- A proper bag for stuffs and meals inside the car


- Lightweight, compact and mobile
- Machine washable
- Resistant to creases, scratches, destruction, color change and insects

Other information

- Top-zip shopping bag’s fabric: three-layer laminated oilcloth

- How to use: this product is already prepared and does not need any special preparation, just enjoy using it.

- Package's content:
= Fabric top-zip shopping bag

Pictures of Top-zip shopping bag in different designs

Your Demands

Based on customer’s view some features are added to Hometext’s products gradually.
Based on their opinion, zip pockets are added to this product for putting smaller objects in them.