Shelf Wardrobe

The light fabric shoebox with an inner PVC frame and MDF shelves offers a good quality. This shelf wardrobe is a versatile product and is designed for keeping shoe, book or clothes.

Shelf Wardrobe size

Fabric shelf wardrobe is produced in these dimensions:

               Height*Length*Wide          Code

Size                  60*35*85                   453


- Keeping clothes, shoes, books, etc.
- Keeping books and similar objects


- With four pockets on its sides
- Four strong shelves
- Hard and resistant structure
- Light and mobile
- Machine washable
- Resistant to creases, scratches, destruction, color change and insects

Other information

- Box's fabric: three-layer laminated oilcloth
- Frame's material: PVC
- Connecting frames' material: high-quality plastic
- Shelf's material: MDF 3

- How to use: first, connect all the frames based on the wardrobe's size and put the MDF shelves in the right place. Then, pull the fabric wardrobe around the connected frames from the top and fasten the zips at the bottom of the wardrobe.

- Package's content:
= Fabric wardrobe
= 5 MDF shelves
= 16 small frames
= 20 medium frames
= 20 large frames
= 20 plastic connecting frames

Pictures of Shelf Wardrobe in different designs

Your Demands

Based on customer’s view some features are added to Hometext’s products gradually.
Changing the design and MDF shelves instead of fabric shelves made the possibility of keeping heavier objects with no change in wardrobe’s shape. Also, adding pockets on its sides makes it a versatile product.