Under-bed Box

A very light and compact fabric box with an inner frame that keeps the box appearance in shape and also makes it stronger. Under-bed box keeps your shoes, clothes and stuffs in an organized shape with five divided parts. The dividers are moveable, so you change the size of each part to bigger or smaller.

Under-bed box size

Five-part Under-bed box is made in these dimensions:

                  Height*Length*Wide          Code

5 part                  31*72*13                  323


- Keeping shoes
- Keeping clothes
- Keeping any kind of stuff


- Low height in order to be placed under the bed more easily
- Having frames for visual beauty and prevention of deforming
- Light and compact
- Machine washable
- Resistant to creases, scratches, destruction, color change and insects

Other information

- Box's fabric: three-layer laminated oilcloth
- Frame's material: PVC
- Connecting frames' material: high-quality plastic
- Dividers' material: high-quality plastic

- How to use: first, connect all frames and connecting frames based on box's size, before connecting all frames, pass all the PVC frames through the plastic divider and then put the frame in the box.

- Package's content:
= Cloth clothing box
= 8 PVC connecting frames
= 4 small frames
= 4 medium frames
= 4 large frames
= 4 dividers

Pictures of Clothing Box with Frame in different sizes

Your Demands

Based on customer’s view some features are added to Hometext’s products gradually.
One of these demands was the improvement of color, connectors, PVC pipes and dividers material that led to product’s symmetry and visual beauty.